Custom Order Sheet |Science Fiction Series|

Custom Order Instructions


Text:  (Would you like any writing in the image)


Background: (Which background are you purchasing)


POSE: (How would you like to pose?)

Please choose from the following:

  • Running
  • Standing
  • Holding hands
  • Looking at each other 
  • Looking backwards (ex: running away from a monster)
  • Or a custom pose or a combination of poses. (Be specific) 
  • For example: running, holding hands, and looking at each other


OUTFITS: Please include the person's name and description of clothing for the photo. 

(If you want something other than what you're wearing in the original image, please be specific. Google the specific clothings images and attach it to this message so we can accurately assign the clothing to the correct character).


HEIGHT: Please include: person's name, and height.

(IF YOUR ORDER includes your pet) What height is your pet on all fours and standing? 


PROPS: Which props would you like to hold?

  • Big blaster gun
  • Portal gun
  • Ray gun
  • Pickle Rick
  • Microphone
  • Or any custom prop you want your character to hold

If you have any additional details or want to include something special in your drawing please post pictures of it and let me know. 

Please be as specific as possible to avoid revisions. Once you submit your order instructions/details these are considered final. If you need to change your pose, outfit, or accessories additional fees will apply. Please be as specific as possible to avoid revisions.

Once we finish your artwork you will receive a preview if you need us to fix any facial features or visual defects. You have a limit of 4 free revisions. More revisions will be an additional charge.

Thank you for deciding to work with us.

-Angela <3